Proper Programming

“Proper Programming” A Concept As I delve into a career in computing and software design, I am constantly met with tropes, that more often than not, make me wince. Once the eye-rolling has finished and the cringe has subsided it is now the task to understand why this is an unjustified. The example I haveContinue reading “Proper Programming”

Starting Out

In the Beginning.. Finding a starting point for me can sometimes be as easy as opening up my laptop, inversely I could sit for hours without so much as a whisper in the right direction. So far, I have found university an intense learning experience. However, I don’t feel as though it is really theContinue reading “Starting Out”

Ethical, Legal, and Social implications of AV (Audio-Visual) Websites.

Summary Since the early 2000s, the implementation of cameras in handheld devices and personal computers has led to a distinct increase in video recordings of human interaction and behaviour. User generated content is the driver for more and more audio-visual websites, but it is important to consider the ethical, legal, and social implications of theseContinue reading “Ethical, Legal, and Social implications of AV (Audio-Visual) Websites.”

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